The Margarito Match-Up Is Set To Be another Treat for Boxing Fans

Boxing enthusiasts will just have to wait until Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr. will be able to sort things out and give their fans to a much anticipated แทงมวยออนไลน์ extravaganza. Negotiations were believed to be on the table, stirring sportingbet users to begin choosing their bets. The discussions was allegedly started by Greenburg and just barely three months ago, Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Prmotions, the company that represents Mayweather, disclosedthat they are coming near to settling a mutual agreement. Unluckily, the negotiations turn out to be an exchange of bitter words from both camps where random drug testing was even highlighted.

Boxing enthusiasts have been clearly disappointed but Pacquiao who last fought in March is eager to keep sportingbet fans on their toes with a new talk where the vacant WBC junior middleweight championship will present him against Antonio Margarito. The fight was initially arranged to be held in Las Vegas but Margarito’s license was revoked due to a hand wrapping scandal with Shane Mosley in 2009. Top Rank promoter, Bob Arum, will carry the event to Texas, where Margarito’s license was reinstated. The Cowboys Stadium in Arlington will surely be packed with boxing fans from all across the world to see another boxing extravaganza on November 13. Boxing is still a famous spectator sport attracting celebrities and other prominent personalities. This is why promoters are always busy presenting matches to satisfy the appetite of boxing fans eager to watch some action in the ring.

The Pacquiao versus Miguel Cotto showcased the Pacman emerging triumphant. Cotto may have been defeated on an allegedly lopsided decision but more than that, he has shown his fans how to give an amazing match. This recent deal promoted by Top Rank is making quite a stir particularly when Margarito was penalized for more than a year after the discovery of a plaster-like substance in his hand wraps in a fight against Shane Mosley. He then returned to the ring in May versus Robert Garcia but it was widely believed to be a lackluster fight. On the other hand, Pacquiao is set to fight in the 154 pounds category, which might offer him the chance to prove his skills if he becomes victorious in his seventh weight class title.

A good number of people say that the fight will be a walk in the park for Pacquiao but with Margarito’s height, reach, and bulk, he can very well give Pacman a good match. Pacquiao will stand a good chance if he is able to get inside land quick enough and move back without being subjected to a beating. He will need to land body shots that will exhaust Margarito, who may bring his hands down long enough for Pacquiao to start an assault upwards. Pacquiao’s match with Cotto in 2009 saw Manny’s land shots and amazing footwork working to his advantage.

On the other hand, Margarito can triumph if he is able to keep Pacquiao checked to prepare his own trademark shots. Margarito’s style can be likened to that of a brawler, which may work in his advantage by maximizing his jabs to dominate the fight. He needs to exercise discipline and use his bulk to overpower the match. on November 13, boxing enthusiasts will again be filled with anticipation and expecting to be entertained. Sportingbet fans will be picking out their bets and hopefully will select a winner.

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