Online College Degrees

The time to obtain a degree will shorten. It will take less time to obtain a degree as students will be able to work year-round, at any time of the day or night, transfer courses from other programs, and earn course credit by challenge A Course In Miracles. Two years is generally the minimum amount of time in which degree programs can be completed, although this varies, based on any time off between courses and previous classroom work.

Many students complete a degree in two to three years, but it can take four or five years or more, depending on the pace. The more credits transferred, the faster the degree will be completed. You can earn credits from professional training, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or previous college courses. (Source:, “Frequently Asked Questions”) 9. Most online colleges will begin to offer course credit for life experience.

More credit will be given for life experiences, especially to older students. 10. New programs will begin that are hybrids. New programs will be developed that combine traditional on-campus education with online education or work/online study programs.

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