When to Book Cheap Flights to Miami

Almost everyone has an idea of what Miami architects looks like – palm trees lined up on the white sand beach that’s being embraced by the cool blue sea, and a lot of people having fun. Who wouldn’t want a slice of this kind of paradise? If you’re the kind of traveler who is price-conscious, it literally pays to know when you should book flights to Miami in order for you to get the cheapest rates possible.

The month of May and the months of October to December are the greatest time to book Miami cheap flights. Not that you are being stingy, it is just that going for a cheap flight means you can spend the extra money you would spend on air fare on buying souvenirs, good food, and extra money for a little good time here and there.

If you plan a trip to Miami between the months of January to April, you are certain to find the place packed with a lot of people who are there to escape the cold winter season. Naturally, flights to Miami during these times are quite higher than usual. Since the demand for flights to Miami is very high, air lines and even hotels take advantage of this peak season to make the most profits.

The months of June, July, and August are the times when flights to Miami are at its cheapest the whole year. This is because the weather in Miami during these months is very hot and also humid, along with chances of daily rain – not a really good time to hit the beach, right? But this is also the time when hotels and other accommodations along with air lines lower their rates to encourage travelers to still visit Miami.

Once you get off your plane, you will find yourself in the southernmost part of Florida. If this is your first time to travel to Miami, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the city is abundant with both cultural and natural resources. If you were able to book a cheap flight to Miami, you should also book a rent a car so that you can travel around other parts of Miami aside from the beach. A lot of rental car companies in Miami offer discounts if you book the flight and the car at the same time, since most car rental companies have tie ups and partnerships with certain air lines.

Take a short drive from the center of the city to see Coral Gables and the Miami Gardens, especially the Miami-Dade County to view the beautiful art-deco buildings. The North Miami Beach is also home to modern and Spanish-influenced architecture. Of course, if you don’t, won’t, or can’t drive, don’t worry! There’s something in Miami for almost every tourist. You can board a shuttle from the air port that will take you directly to South Beach. Or, you can also rent a scooter or a boat to get a full-view tour of Miami. Don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes or sandals along as you’ll definitely find yourself in for a lot of walking.

There is a lot more to Miami than just the beaches and the night life. With so many sights to see and things to experience, getting yourself and your companion on a cheap flight to Miami means you can make the most out of your trip instead of spending half of your budget on the trip just for your air line tickets.

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