What is the best music for driving?

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music in the car? Whether on the way to work, during a long trip, or in a traffic jam; no matter the moment, driving listening to your favorite songs is always an indescribable experience.

Solfeo has always been closely linked to driving; so much so that all current vehicles have high-quality stereo systems, although in the past all cars already had a space reserved for the legendary radio cassette player. In the current context, where technology advances by giant steps, the options of listening to music in the car are multiplying. Now, we have different options that allow us to customize the music we want to hear: Bluetooth, USB, car play Apple, Android Auto, Mirror Link, Spotify, streaming, etc.


Driving is a task that requires our full attention, and although we are not aware of it, music has a significant influence on our mood. Therefore, several studies have been carried out on which is the best and the worst music for driving. For a better user experience, You can buy a used car with the best sound system from Auto For Trade

One of the studies, carried out by St. John’s University in Newfoundland (Canada), reveals that the rhythm of music is what really affects the heart rate and brain activity of people. To demonstrate this, he subjected a group of people to different concentration tests, using different types of music and values between 53 and 95 decibels.

In conclusion, the study shows that people who listened to music with faster rhythms and with the loudest sound had a 20% higher risk of suffering a traffic accident since their reaction time also increased by 20%. This is because if the rhythm of the song is fast, the driver tends to press the accelerator more. Also, if the volume of the song is louder, the driver’s attention span is reduced.


A study conducted by the German University of Dortmund concludes that drivers who listen to pop-rock music tend to drive faster and more aggressively than those who choose classical music.

On the other hand, the Populous company, from the United Kingdom, also maintains that those drivers who listen to rock music at the wheel are more likely to suffer an accident. According to their study, 76% of those surveyed claimed to have yelled or insulted other drivers and 31% claimed to have been involved in a minor accident, compared to 13% of young people who listened to pop music.

This study also does not recommend listening to jazz music at the wheel, since it increases the possibility of committing infractions and, therefore, receiving traffic fines, especially for speeding. The Populous company maintains that this is because the complexity of jazz forces the driver to be more attentive to the music than to the road.


As for the best music for driving, other studies and experts recommend classical music and pop music, as they favor a more relaxed attitude. According to Vicky Williamson, a psychologist: “Pop music is simple and repetitive, people tend to know the lyrics by heart, so it takes up less space in the listener’s mind.”

According to experts, the best song to travel safely by car is the one with a tempo similar to that of the heart, that is, between 60 and 80 beats per minute.

Generally, all the studies on how music influences driving conclude that rock or heavy-metal music can lead us to press the accelerator harder; rap distracts us and leads to more aggressive driving; and the classic offers us a more relaxed driving. However, the latter is not always the case, since the tunes of the classics can also lead us to make mistakes at the wheel by making us lose concentration more easily.

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