What Everyone Needs to Know About Power – Part 1

Ever wonder how to unleash the full P2001 power station that resides within you? Today’s article will talk about what power is, why it’s so often misunderstood, and how to channel it more to get the things you want.

When you look at the word ‘power’ — what comes to your mind? Is it status, and the symbols of your class? Or is it something even more concrete than that, like the power that lights up your home, the punching power of a boxer, or some woman delivering a powerful speech? Power is many of those things, and more.

Power is not something that will ever be given to you, but you don’t have to worry about that because YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. Some people may shy away from power, but I believe it’s time to embrace it and express it in every aspect of your life. It plays a critical role in our everyday actions, whether we are aware of it or not, and we can begin, right now, to channel our power more effectively with a new awareness and understanding.

Now, think of the energy that powers a home or any building. There is energy everywhere, which is harnessed by your local power & electric company. They then distribute that energy for a fee.

The amount of energy that the home uses (such as lights, heat, etc.) will be determined by the personal preferences of the person living in the home. Obviously if you use more electricity, such as lights, microwave ovens, computers, etc., then more energy is used. Simple.

Now, what if a customer does not have enough money in their bank account to pay for a very high electric bill? Then that person may choose to use less energy, and look for ways to conserve more. If a person is wealthy, then they may disregard how much energy their home is using, but either way, each is choosing the amount of energy they will both use. The amount of your energy bill reflects your energy usage.

Now, the ‘power’ company is harnessing the energy that is in the world, channels that energy into a usable form that every person can then use. As each customer uses a certain portion of this channeled energy, then they are charged a fee for what they have used. Simple, right?

I believe this provides a useful metaphor in understanding power as it pertains to our everyday life. Like the power company, human beings have access to the unlimited energy out in the world, with the ability to harness, channel, and distribute it.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, so it is, by definition, unlimited. And as energy permeates our whole being, spirit — mind — emotions — body, we have the ability to harness and channel that energy the same way as the power company. And as we ‘share’ with people what that energy produces, in the form of service or relationship building, we, too, can profit from our ‘business’, in the form of money or good feelings.

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