The Sowing and Reaping Factors In Miracles

It is okay for people to look up to God for acim. There is nothing wrong here. But, we must take responsibility for what happens to us – good or bad.

Some of us know there is no unearned or undeserved miracle. Nothing in life happens by chance. We create what we see in our lives.

The creation begins in our minds and eventually manifest for all to see. Take it or leave it, there is karma, reincarnation, life after dead, past lives, etc.

So, it is 100 percent possible that we continue in our present lives from where we stopped in our previous lives. Honestly, you have every right under the sun to accept or reject this.

So, people who commit all sorts of sins and then hand these sins over to the blood of Jesus to wash away are simply behaving like the ostrich. We pay for our sins and earn our rewards.

The Bible says what we sow today, we reap tomorrow. This is a golden rule that runs through all religion. It is actually a natural law that the religions adopted.

Therefore, my beloved readers, this life has taught me to know that the thought I hold today, the words I say and what I do with my time will manifest tomorrow. No one is perfect. We are all striving to be perfect. Off course you know this.

When we think good, say good and do good, in future when we are faced with what seems to be challenging conditions or situations, help will come to us from the blues. This is miracle in action. It is the miracle that can be explained.

This is where I disagree with Google that miracle is divine and could not be explained through natural or scientific laws.

The luck factors in our lives are worked for and earned. These factors are not handed down to us by an invisible God, or the blood of Jesus.

Do not get me wrong. God exist and man exists and there is a definite relationship between God and man. This statement is from The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.

We must work our ass off, toil for days and nights; remain focus despite the many distractions in our world, to earn our miracles, to be lucky.

Prayer without hard work is dead on delivery. It is only one percent, while work that will earn you miracle is 99 percent. God bless humanity.

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