Silica Gel: Properties, Production and Uses

This product is basically silicon dioxide in a porous and granular form. This gel consists of porous structure of small particles. It is a popular desiccant that is used in many places. It is also used in households in the form of packets. It is used to control the moisture content in the surrounding area. Hence, it is very useful in preserving various materials from spoiling. Many fruits, vegetables and other such products are kept in vicinity to this gel. This avoids such buy jeeter liquid diamonds from spoiling. There are many varieties of silica gels. Here are some of the main varieties:

  • A-Type Silica Gel

This gel variety is porous and has a large internal surface area. The moisture adsorption quality of this variety is very high. Hence, it is very useful in industrial processes. It is used commonly in food industries for good storage of food in a proper state.

  • B-Type Silica Gel

This type of gel variety is used mostly in filters. Since adsorption is carried out in filters, people use this gel variety of proper purification is less time. This gel variety gets works done easily. With proper usage, the filters purify the desired material by removing the impurities in it. These impurities are found on the surface of the gel.

  • C-Type Silica Gel

This gel variety works as a raw material for cat filter. This gel is translucent in appearance. It is processed to make it more efficient. Hence, it is used in many places where very good results are required.

All these gel varieties are used in plenty. They have special importance in the household as well as industry usage. Apart from the types mentioned above, indicating type silica gel and non-indicating type silica gel are two more varieties worth mentioning.

More About This Product

This gel is better than most other products that are used for adsorption purposes. There are many color varieties of this gel. Silica gel blue, silica gel orange and silica gel white are some of the varieties that are used often. The gel form of this product makes it easy to have a large surface area. The pores of this gel adsorb molecules of various materials and thus prove to be very useful. Due to these reasons, this gel variety is very useful. In industries, the gel comes in contact with the mixture and absorbs impurities. Hence, the purification of various mixtures is possible without any problems.

There are various structures that are used for proper absorption of the mixtures. Apart from this, this gel is also reusable. Once the process of adsorption completes, it is easy to get the gel back for further use. This can be done by the use of water. The gel can be obtained again by heating at a specific temperature of over 100 degree Celsius for a couple of hours. This results in getting the gel back for more use. This property is especially very useful in chemical industries. It makes the gel, inexpensive and increases its value of money. Hence, many industries stress on using this product.

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