How to Choose A Warm Coat for Your Kids This Winter

With winter well and truly on the way now is the time to Epoxy Coating Near Me about buying a new winter coat or jacket for your little ones. When it comes to choosing a new coat there are a number of things to consider such as the climate you live in and how much wear you can expect from the coat.

When it comes to choosing a new winter coat or jacket the first thing to consider is the climate you live in. If the are where you live receives a lot of rainfall then you’ll almost certainly want to buy a waterproof coat. There are many options to consider here from rain coats with a plastic coating to prevent water seeping through to the underlying fabric to quilted fleece style coats. The best for keeping out rainwater will be rubber or plastic coats although these may not always be considered the most stylish. You should also make sure the new coat or jacket has a hood, these can sometimes be detachable or can also be folded and hidden in the collar when not needed, to keep the rain off the head. Hoods are also good for protecting little ears and faces from chilly winds that can chap and dry the delicate skin of your child.

The second consideration for you to think about is the amount of warmth you want from the coat. If you live in a particularly cold climate then the rain will inevitably turn to sleet or snow as the temperature drops. At this point being waterproof is a secondary consideration with being warm the primary thought. There are a wide range of winter coats and jackets that offer warmth. A quilted jacket is often a popular choice as the thick coat traps air within it to retain warmth. Whilst quilted jackets are good another option to consider for warmth is a wool coat. This style of coat is made from tightly woven wool and comes in a variety of styles such as the duffle coat and pea coat. They are usually lined on the inside and have proven to be very effective at keeping out cold winds. Wool coats were originally worn by the navy during the Second World War to keep out the cold winds whilst out at sea so you can be sure they work.

A good compromise between the two different styles of coat is to choose an anorak. These have been very popular for a number of years as childrens coats as they are very good at keeping out the rain and also offer a good level of warmth.

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