Attracting Buyers When You Are Selling A House As Is

Homeowners sell their homes as is for a variety of reasons. Perhaps, you need to move from one location to another quickly and you are not able to oversee repairs after the move. Perhaps, you do not have the money upfront to put in the repairs or you are not physically able to complete them. Whatever the reason, selling a home this way has its own sets of challenges and has its own unique problems compared to a home being sold in good condition. Here are a few things that you can do conduct the sale smoothly when you have decided to Buy my house for cash as is.

Keep the home looking showcase ready.

This might not make sense because you feel that you are selling as is that there is no reason to keep everything straight and tidy. Perceptions and first impressions can go a long way to showing any prospective buyer that you are serious about selling. You want to make your home feel inviting so people who come to your house want to stick around long enough to look through the entire house. Keep your yard trimmed and mowed properly. Ensure that you declutter and that you don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. If your home is clean it will signal that you are selling your home for more financial reasons then because you have neglected it for the entire time you have lived there. If your home stinks or is dirty will give even as is buyers a negative impression.

Disclosures are still required.

Selling this way is not a free card that makes you exempt from disclosure requirements. You will still need to sign documents stating the condition of your home and buyers have the right to conduct their own home inspection before closing a sale. If you know what repairs need to be done, state law often requires that you need to disclose it. During the legal closing process, the buyer will be asked to initial next to the “as is” statement of the contract which means essentially that “what you see is what you get” and that he or she waives the right to take legal action for damage that is found after the sale.

Don’t Be Put Off By Low-Ball Offers

Most lenders are going to require that a home has a certain level of safety and structural integrity before they will authorize a sale to be completed. This is why many buyers will not be able to acquire a loan through traditional methods, like a bank. In cases like this the only people that are going to be able to buy the home are investors and others that will make all cash offers that will not require a traditional lending institution. Even if a buyer can find a lender that will sign off on the home they are going to want a great deal. Do not let yourself get upset by low-ball offers. Always make some sort of counteroffer. Many offers will just be someone testing the waters but if you make a counteroffer you are more likely to get a closed sale.

Make Any Small Repair That You Can

If you have some cash that you can put towards repairs, some specific repairs are extremely valuable to accomplish since your home will fetch a higher price. First of all, fix coding violations if you can so that lenders are willing to finance your potential buyers. Repair roof leaks, HVAC system problems, and ceiling or wall cracks. Consider fixing up anything that makes your home seem “abandoned” such overgrown foliage, broken fencing, and broken windows. Even though you want to sell a house as is, repairing these issues will allow you to attract a greater percentage of prospective buyers.

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