Paleo Diet Weight Loss – ACIM Bookstore?

The Paleo Diet and it’s resultant alleged weight loss has been promoted as the only safe and natural way to good health by all the experts ACIM Bookstore. And, as if good health weren’t enough, they also say that if you eat following the Paleo Diet Plan – that you’ll also lose weight. Sounds like the classic “win-win” situation, doesn’t it?

But does the Paleo diet, and it’s weight loss claims stand up to the light of day?

Is it truly safe? or just another “flavor of the month” diet fad? It seems that every other day there’s a new “miracle” diet that promises weight loss, body toning and total health. Usually with a regime that’s extreme and potentially dangerous to health.

The only miracle to me is how much money the promoters of these dangerous diets stuff into their pockets!

Looking at the ingredients in the Paleo Diet – it’s hard to see how it could be dangerous. The emphasis seems to be solidly on fruit and vegetables, with poultry and meat being last on the list. The main differences are that there is little to no diary – so if you’re a big milk drinker, or yoghurt lover, the Paleo Meal Plan might be a hard nut for you to crack.

Also on the forbidden list are vegetable seed oils, soy and grains. This means that bread lovers who want to “Go Paleo” will have to adjust to breads made from nut flours. Almond flour, being one obvious example.

The Paleo Diet, is also known as the “Caveman diet” because it references the period in our pre-history before farming. Which meant that primitive man – the caveman could only eat what nature provided. Essentially Fruits, nuts, berries, and whatever small animals he could kill. This era – roughly 10,000 years ago – is called the “Paleolithic Era” – shortened to “Paleo” to describe the modern imitation of the caveman lifestyle.

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