It Is Now Wrong To Call Britain A Christian Country!

People ask me all the time about home based christian mysticism churches businesses. Even more, they ask about online home based Christian businesses. Most of the people that ask me this are unemployed, fauxpreneurs, or twenty-somethings that read the 4-Hour Workweek. So once and for all I’m settling the story

The first thing I always tell people to do is explain what they mean by Christian work from home business. Usually the response involves a story about an online business that generates auto-pilot income while lifting up the name of Jesus. What they’re really telling me is they don’t want to do any work but still want to crank out a lot of cash from the magic box called the Internet. How noble.

Can you tell I’m skeptical? I am. And it’s because there is no such thing as home based Christian business! There are no Christian home-based business opportunities. It’s a fake term made up for a fake category that seeks to lure people into pyramid schemes. There is no magic box that you can tap into and suddenly become a stay at home mom making paper in the name of Jesus.

People are going to tell you that you can make thousands of dollars from home in a Christian business. You might be selling beads, inspirational products, or some all natural soap made from the Dead Sea. All you have to do is buy an instructional DVD and instantly be hooked into every Internet marketing secret known to man, ultimately guaranteeing you a lifetime of auto-pilot income. Forget about it.

If a deal sounds good to be true; it is. People are good at marketing. They’re even better at selling. I know this because I’ve been there. Nobody runs a business like a charity. Please don’t fall into the temptation that you are just a few tips away from a great Christian work from home business opportunity. You’re not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start a Christian based business.

If you do want to start a Christian business then you should feel empowered to do so. This blog thoroughly addresses your marketplace calling and how to bring glory to God in your job or venture. Our very message here is that you should start your own business and transform the marketplace with the love of God.

  • Don’t say you want to start a Christian computer service company or a Christian marketing company or anything that just slaps the word Christian in front of it. Saying your business is a Christian company is noble, but in reality doesn’t actually make it a Christian company. You aren’t going to glorify God simply by calling yourself a Christian company. At the end of the day, it’s going to sound cheesy and scare away the very people you want to minister to.
  • Do love on people in every aspect of your business. Treat your employees and customers exceptionally well. Pray for them on a daily basis. Seek to not only serve their product needs, but also their spiritual and emotional needs. Let your company be a true blessing to their lives. The key to success in a Christian business is simply to love people like they’ve never been loved before. Put the success of people before the success of yourself and your company.
  • Don’t think it will be easy. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. Every successful entrepreneur will tell you they failed 100 times before they succeeded once. Blogs take years (yes, years) to take root and gain traction. Home based businesses take relentless selling and mining for customers.
  • Do pick something that interests you. If you’re a 20 year old college student, don’t try and start a mommy blog. Don’t try and sell beads with crosses on them because you think it will be easy. Instead sell a product that you would use – that solves a real problem – and that you know people just like you would buy. Look at the things in life that frustrate you and there you will find true Christian business ideas.

A Christian business is one that has God’s love embedded in its DNA. It isn’t a management philosophy, sales channel, branding issue, or service type. It is a people philosophy, one that you treat everyone exactly as the Gospel calls you to do. Your real work from home Christian business opportunity is one that creates real value for real people. It’s hard work. But you can do it.

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