How to Pick the Right Size Garage Addition

You’ve heard it before when someone builds a new home: “If only I would have added another bathroom” or “I wish I would have finished the attic”. Oftentimes, these kinds of comments occur after the construction of a new flooring edmond addition. Here in the South, many homes do not have basements and a great source of storage is adding a detached or attached garage addition to your home. Not only do they increase storage space, but they may also increase your home’s value.

The excitement of working with your garage builder can often overshadow the need for specific features that you may forget in the planning process. For example, the number of bays directly affects the structure’s footprint. If you plan for a 2-car garage, you’ll have enough room to protect two vehicles. But, will you have enough room for a riding lawnmower, tool box, and perhaps a workbench? What will you do with your boat you’re planning on buying in a couple years? What if you own a classic car? Have you considered the idea of putting a car lift in your garage? In a couple years, you’ll be asking yourself: “Why didn’t I just add another bay?!”

When building a new garage, look at many custom garage photos and consider these additional features to add prior to the building process:

  • Dormer windows upstairs. These provide natural light, a more ‘open’ feeling, as well as adding beauty to the overall look of your structure.
  • Extra first floor height. If you have a truck, large SUV, motorhome, or are considering putting in a car lift for working on your own vehicles, then go with a taller first floor.
  • Loft area or full attic. Some garages only have enough room for a loft area – a partial space that allows for storage of a small amount of belongings. Consider a full attic that may be converted to an upstairs apartment, mother-in-laws’ quarters, or a play room for kids.
  • Single or multiple garage doors. If you choose a 2-car garage, having one large door means you expose your garage’s full interior. Choosing two separate bays, with 2 separate garage doors means you can ‘hide’ one side, while opening the other.
  • Upgrade your overhead door. Install an overhead door that is insulated because they’re quieter during operation plus increase your garage’s energy efficiency.
  • Consider a side walk-in door. Also known as a ‘man door’, adding a standard side door allows you to enter and exit your new garage without having to open and close the large overhead door.
  • Choose your siding wisely. Do not do the same siding if you plan on updating your main (home) structure. Adding brick or stone veneer will add beauty and modernize your new garage.
  • Add skylights or Solatube®. The Solatube® lighting is dimmable and a great way to use sunlight to brighten virtually any space. Skylights are nice, but cannot be directed like a Solatube® can.

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