Best Celebrity Hair Styles for Your Face – Part 6 of 6

After you have followed parts 1 through 5, you are ready to try on some hair stylist styles that you like and then schedule your hair cut appointment. If you have not followed parts 1 through 5, please go back and read them. They contain very important factors that can greatly affect the end result of how your hair style will look.

One of the greatest inventions in the hair style industry is hair imaging software. This software has come a long way and is now very realistic. There are different features available, depending on which software you use. Below is a summary of some of the more popular programs available online today.

To use hair imaging software, you will need to visit one of the sites below, sign up for their program and create a membership. There are different membership options available. Some offer monthly subscriptions or even annual subscriptions.

All of the programs listed below are very easy and fun to use. Most of them do not require you to download or install any kind of software to your computer. You can simply log in to their site from any computer and use it there.

Below is a summary of some of the programs available today. For a complete review, type in the following article titled “Want to Try on that new hair style before you get it?” into the search box at Google.

Hair Style Cuts and Dos – Features thousands of different hair style photos for short, very short, medium, long and updo hair styles. Software allows you to upload your own photo and try on various hair styles. Current costs: 1 year, $9.99

The Hair Styler–Features over 5,000 hair styles to try on, online hairstyle search, hairstyle consultation based on your personal preferences, ability to save, print or Email your favorite hair style photos. Current costs: 3 months, $14.99

Stellure–See hair styles from every direction on a 3-dimensional model of yourself , over 1,800 different style and color combination, browse for hair styles based on your criteria, face shape. Current costs: Ranges from 6-months at $19.95 to Lifetime membership at $55.95

Makeover Solutions— Try on over 2500 hair styles, cosmetics, and accessories on your own photo or a model photo, hot new celebrity styles, makeup and beauty tips. Current costs: Ranges from 6-months at $ 19.95 to 2 years at $49.95Ivillage–Over 5,000 hair styles, ability to upload your photo, try on celebrity styles. Current costs: 3 months, $14.95

Maggie— Hundreds of new hairstyles, customized by the user (trim bangs, change color, add volume, paint in highlights, change part from left to right, cut off length, etc.).make-up feature, face tan and face shades! Current Costs: Download for free. $38.95 to register and activate all features. With many of these programs listed above, you will be able to try on different hair styles and print a copy of the style that you like. Not sure about bangs? Just upload your photo and try them on. Bangs take a very long time to grow out, so don’t make the cut unless you see the results beforehand!

This concludes our series on the Best Celebrity Hair Styles for your face. It has been a pleasure presenting all the information and I look forward to continue presenting the best hair styles on the net in the Hair Resources Network.

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