Are home security systems worth it? 5 benefits to consider

For any homeowner, your family’s safety is a top priority. And there are several ways you can ensure your home and family stay protected. That’s where home home security system quotes systems come in.

As its name suggests, a home security system is a method to secure your house and property through a system of connected components and devices. These electronic devices connect to the main control panel that sounds off — and emergency response may be notified — when intruders open a protected entryway or space in your home.

Today’s home security systems are both technologically advanced and you don’t have to spend a fortune. A smart home company like Vivint can give you a better idea of the costs and benefits of a home security system. Get a free quote today!

Home security devices offer peace of mind that your house is protected when you’re away or asleep.

When you purchase home security, you can choose to have your system professionally monitored or do it yourself. Professional monitoring, which requires a monthly fee, provides 24-hour protection from security agents who are notified once your alarm sounds. If necessary, these specialists may contact emergency services on your behalf.

You can avoid monthly fees by opting for DIY monitoring and you’ll still receive alerts when your alarm is activated. However, you’ll also have to alert the authorities yourself during an emergency. See what different smart home companies — such as Vivint and ADT — have to offer.

When determining whether home security systems are worth it, you’ll want to look at the benefits and weigh whether or not they’re worth the cost. Here’s a look at some of the top reasons to get a home security system.

5 benefits of a home security system

Generally, most systems today are wireless and can be controlled using your smartphone no matter where you are. And that’s just the beginning of the benefits and perks of a home security system, which include:

  1. Protect your home: If you have irreplaceable or expensive items you want to protect, a loud security system may scare off intruders and notify local authorities of a break-in.
  2. Potentially deter burglaries: Potential burglars may be more likely to move along and look for a different target if an alarm is on the premises.
  3. Reduce your homeowners’ insurance costs: A home security system and other safety measures may reduce your home insurance premium by as much as 15%, according to PolicyGenius.
  4. Remotely monitor your home: If your system has security cameras, many providers allow you to monitor your home from your phone. Depending on your system, you may even be able to remotely control thermostats, keyless door locks and other smart devices in your home.
  5. Receive gas and fire alerts: Depending on your system and provider, you may be able to receive alerts when your smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors go off while you’re away. Some providers even offer instant notification to the authorities when these emergencies arise.

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