Android Application Market – Google Removes 55 Applications

The Android woofapps market is more flexible than the market for other mobile applications. This is mainly because Google is very lenient in comparison to other controllers like Apple and Blackberry. Some of the application developers have taken disadvantage of the liberty given and developed 55 mobile applications that were in face infesting the mobile devices with malware. One of the constituents of these applications was the malware. After the user used to download the application, the malware would get secretly installed in the smart phone device. The confidential information such as the IMEI number of the smart phone would be stolen by the malware. There were complains that these applications used to misuse the security gaps. These applications are alleged to have installed other applications secretly to facilitate installing of any pirated software. The removal of the 55 applications has been applauded by the Android users but it throws light on other aspects as well.

Android became more famous because it’s open source and the second reason is Google supporting simultaneously help to gain more publicity and market share compare to iPhone app and blackberry app.

If a developer wants to get the mobile application developed by him/her sold to the smart phone users through the iTunes store or the Blackberry store, the application has to go through a number of tests. It is only when the management of Apple and Blackberry is satisfied with the performance of the application that it is allowed to be sold on their respective online stores. On the other hand the Android being an opens source is very flexible. After submitting the application to the Android store, the developer is sure of the application going public because there are no restrictions and limitations.

Putting controls on the sale of any mobile application is one way good and bad the other way. When there are no controls just like what has happened at Android, the developers go on developing the application. In this case they are sure that once it is made public it is going to get sold. This is not the case with iPhone or Blackberry. The application is made to undergo stringent tests. The personnel at iPhone or Blackberry make sure that the applications sold at their stores perform satisfactorily and are void of bugs or errors. This is to ensure that the application does not interfere with other applications. When the iPhone and Blackberry users download applications from the stores of Apple and Blackberry respectively they need not worry about the mobile device getting crashed or divulgence of any confidential data.

The iTunes and Blackberry stores are so strict that they reserve the right of pulling the application out of the online store without giving any prior notice to the developer. In case of Android the developer does not have to worry about this at all.

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